Wickwire Playlists

I’m always asked for my yoga playlist so here they are:

Grimy Styling Yoga – visit Maui in your mind….perfect to shake off the winter blues
Duration: 1h 15 – Grimy Styling Yoga

Australian Surf Music:  jazzy atonal flow music
Duration: 1h 11 min- Australian Surf Flow

Sigur Ros – Winter Is Coming An Icelandic cross between Radiohead and Pink Floyd
Duration: 56 min – Nordic Elfin Music

Karunesh – classic good vibe yoga music
Duration: 1h 24 min –Karunesh Classic Yoga

Odesza Instrumental – Groovy Electronica for Yoga
Duration: 56 min – Odesza Yoga

Baroque Restorative: music meant to relax the body and invigorate the mind
Duration: 1h 4 min – Baroque Restorative

Classical Restorative: more music to relax the body and refresh the spirit
Duration: 1h 17 min – Classical Restorative

Weird Wired Techno – Great stuff to listen to when you gotta clean the house
Duration: 2h 26min – Weird Wired Techno

Stick Figure – great Cali-reggae band….set this one to shuffle
Duration: 3h –Stick Figure Set