क्षीणवृत्तेरभिजातस्येव मणेर्ग्रहीतृग्रहणग्राह्येषु तत्स्थतदञ्जनता समापत्तिः ॥४१॥
1.41 Kṣīṇa-vṛtter-abhijātasy-eva maṇer-grahītṛ-grahaṇa-grāhyeṣu tatstha-tadañjanatā samāpattiḥ.

“When the mind is free from distraction….The mind then, like a flawless diamond, reflects only the features of the object and nothing else.” ~ Desikachar

“One whose vacillations are steadily diminishing experiences the mind as transparent, just as a high-quality gemstone reveals the form of objects placed near it.” ~ Stiles

“So the yogi’s mind…becomes clear and balanced and attains the state devoid of differentiation between knower, knowable and knowledge.  This culmination of meditation is samādhi,” ~ Satchidananda

Artwork thoughts:  This sutra is fairly lengthy and therefore open to greater interpretation in translation.  The artwork reflects how the vibration of vacillations become focused to create clarity at the center…